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Hello World, this is my (B)log

So this appears to be my oh so simple Blog now. I wanted to have one forever but only just now i found the motivation to spit out the few lines of javascript to implement a markdown based blog that does what I want -- being just one file I can edit using Emacs and tramp over ssh that is.

--Mon Jul 11 21:33:51 UTC 2011

So while writing this I discovered a styling bug. I thought I had adjusted my site's width and font-size to get approximately 80 character per line wrapping, but I had assumed wrong. So now I changed the font to 'DejaVu Sans Mono' and corrected the width. It still looks kind of strange for some reason but at least the wrapping is correct now and it looks more like my local Emacs :)

--Mon Jul 11 22:15:30 UTC 2011

This is my personal braindump, its not really supposed to be a blog as in a thing that people actually want to read but rather a log as in a place for me to dump thoughts to and just write down what I'm doing. Anyone is welcome to read this dump though, just don't expect any language that actually makes sense or anything.

The source code for this (b)log is here: http://dxld.at/syslog.md its a pretty neat self contained perl script that uses pandoc to convert the markdown to html. The most awesome feature is that the actual markdown blog source is in the same file as the perl script thanks to perl's __DATA__ token.


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